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Proper Suspension Maintenance: How to Avoid Early Repair of Shocks and Struts.

Don’t be alarmed, but in the time that you travel to and from work today, your struts – which contain several moving parts prone to wear and tear – will compress and expand about 57,000 times. That’s right, your struts and shocks, without which your ride would feel like a hay wagon bounding down a […]

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Warning Lights 101 – Continued: The ABS, or Anti-lock Braking System Light

Just when you thought it was safe to cruise around town with a dashboard free of shiny warning lights, we bring you another, less discussed light – the ABS warning light! The first thing you need to know is, an illuminated ABS warning light does NOT mean your brakes are going to fail at the […]

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Timing Belt Maintenance Helps Keep Your Valves, Pistons and Wallet in Good Shape

Learn whether your vehicle has a timing belt or timing chain, what can go wrong with a timing belt as the miles add up, and preventative maintenance steps you can take for your car from Golden Triangle Auto Care’s ASE certified mechanic. If there’s one constant when it comes to the downside of letting car […]

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Windows Down or AC? Which is More Efficient?

A common argument we hear all the time is whether it is more fuel efficient to run the A/C or is it better to just roll the windows down. With fuel prices as high as they are now, everyone is looking for ways to save at the pump but here’s the truth of the matter: […]

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Get More Mileage Out of these Fuel Savings Tips

One way to improve gas mileage is, of course, to drive by your local pumps every now and again and hope for the best (!) in terms of the wildly fluctuating cost of fuel. A more practical approach, however, is to get out a pen and paper and make an easy to follow checklist from […]

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