Caring and Sharing Season at Golden Triangle Auto Care

Sharing Season at Golden Triangle Auto Care Denver CO

We know that times are difficult for many in our Denver community and while we can’t always help, this time we could. Michael Harris rolled into our downtown Denver auto shop with his 2008 Toyota Sienna minivan and 266,000 miles on the odometer. He had invested in an after-market warranty product, hoping it would help […]

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Windshields & Wiper Blades

Golden Triangle Auto Care Windshields & Wiper Blades

Wiper Blades: Time for new ones? The last thing we think of when getting into our vehicles is the wiper blades! How many times is it snowing or raining and the wiper blades either streak across your windshield … or fail to remove the snow entirely? Then your stress level goes up on the spot! […]

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Warm Feet for Warriors: Sock Drive 2021

Community and Heroes. As we wind up each year, we reflect on what’s happened in our community, who has made a difference, and who might quietly be in need of help. You may have noticed the introduction of our Heroes coupon series in 2021. That idea emerged as we considered who stepped up in a […]

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Denver’s Early Car Manufacturing

Fun Car Facts History Early Car Manufacturing in Denver with photo of Fritchle Electric Car Warehouse circa 1909

The first manufactured automobile in Denver made its debut in 1899 at a bicycle show at Colosseum Hall. Denverites came to see the Horseless Wonder, built by the Electric Vehicle Company. Mr. A.H. Gilbert exhibited three different models of the new automobile, and demonstrated the vehicles on Denver streets during the show. The electric powered […]

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First Women Taxi Drivers in Colorado

Molloy-MacLeay first women owned taxicab service in Boulder Colorado

Taxi services in Denver are almost as old as the introduction of the automobile itself. In 1913 existing taxi services were placed under the regulatory authority of the newly created Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC). The two longest running taxi companies, Yellow Cab, founded in 1924, and Metro Taxi, established in 1932, continue to operate […]

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