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Keeping it on the Straight and Narrow: Power Steering Maintenance

Golden Triangle Auto Care

Not unlike it’s distant cousin, brake fluid, Power Steering Fluid is one of those under-the-radar fluids that probably don’t come to mind first when thinking about regular car maintenance. While a check of this fluid is recommended with every oil change, some car manufacturer maintenance schedules even neglect to mention such inspections! To boot, unless […]

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Brake Fluid: Not One of Your Car’s Most Famous Fluids, but still…

brake fluid cap

“Check your oil level!” “Don’t let that transmission fluid get too low!!” These and other fluid-isms are no doubt familiar to you as you go about the business of maintaining your vehicle. Heck, even your windshield washer fluid probably gets higher billing than that most anonymous of fluids…the Brake Fluid. When you think brakes, you […]

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Tire Inflation in the 21st Century: Great New Advice – or a Bunch of Hot Nitrogen?


Today’s cars are more complex than ever. While you have hopefully found an expert and reliable mechanic, some maintenance items are best served by a combination of mechanic and driver attention and checkups. Take your tire inflation, for instance. Monthly checks are routinely recommended to insure proper inflation and resulting optimal safety…as well as optimal […]

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Let Your Car Remind You When it’s Time for Maintenance

For every motorist who has ever scribbled in two entries to a mini ‘Car Maintenance’ notebook and then stashed the pad away in the far corner of the glove compartment, never to see the light of day again…And for every other motorist who has found him or herself squinting up at their windshield against a […]

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Injecting some Perspective into Your Fuel System Maintenance

While each and every system in your car is important and deserves proper regular maintenance, it’s pretty clear you won’t be getting to that next doctor’s appointment unless your FUEL SYSTEM is really on the up and up! Today we focus on your vehicle’s FUEL INJECTORS. In a nutshell, the cylinder head of your fuel […]

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