Hot Car Tips for a Hot Colorado Summer

Thermometer reading 100 degrees Hot Car Tips for a Hot Colorado Summer golden Triangle Auto CareIn Colorado we get the weather extremes. Winter brings us snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures. Summer ushers in hot, hundred-degree temperatures, with the occasional (and sometimes unexpected) downpour of rain and hail. These extremes can be tough on your car.

As we head into the hottest weeks of the year, here are some summer tips to keep you and your car cool.

Keep it cool under the hood.
While a car can overheat in the winter if there is a problem with the cooling system, it is even more likely to happen in the hot summer months. Keeping the coolant filled is a critical step in maintaining normal temperatures. Check for any obvious leaks in the engine compartment and when the car is cool, squeeze the large coolant hoses to assure they are firm, not soft and squishy. Older hoses are prone to bursting.

Don’t forget that oil change!
Keeping the right amount of fresh, clean oil in the engine will help reduce friction and avoid creating additional engine heat. If you take your car into Golden Triangle Auto Care for an oil change, you’ll automatically get a 30-point inspection which covers a check of your cooling system. The technicians will check all of the fluids, topping them off as needed, and inspect all of those hoses we talked about above.

Keep the occupants cool, too!
In Colorado it’s possible that you didn’t turn on the air conditioning for weeks or even months through the winter! Running the A/C occasionally helps keep the components loose and lubricated, so be sure to turn the A/C on for a few minutes on those warmer winter days.

Losing Your Cool?
If warm air comes out of the vents when the A/C is turned on, there may be a problem with the Freon. It’s possible there is a leak in the system and Freon is escaping. As the system loses Freon, it loses the ability to push out cold air and just can’t get the inside of the car cool.  Likely you’ll need Golden Triangle Auto Care to perform a full system check. We’ll do more than set you’re A/C to maximum cool and put our hands up to the vents. We run your vehicle through a sequence of tests which can take about an hour to complete, including our Refrigerant Recovery Recycling Recharge system.  Before we can recharge, we have to remove everything in your system to achieve “vacuum”.  If the system can hold vacuum, then we will do the recharge. But only after this test will we know how much Freon is required to bring your system up to full pressure.  If it does not hold vacuum, there is repair needed prior to finishing the recharge.

Freon is literally a cool substance: it’s fluid in the canister, but once released it becomes a gas making it a very regulated substance.  Handling Freon in the shop requires MACS certification (Mobile Air Conditioning Society), and Golden Triangle Auto Care has two people certified to complete this work. Talk to our service managers at the front desk if you have specific questions on the process.

Special Deals!
The easiest way to keep yourself and family comfortable during these warm summer months is to be proactive. Schedule a full air conditioning system check at Golden Triangle Auto Care.  We have an A/C special running July 2020 that will save you some bucks! Be sure to check our Car Care Coupons for regular specials.technician check the belts, compressor and Freon levels before the weather really heats up.

Keep a Clear View!
Finally, when you get caught in those sudden downpours from a Colorado thunderstorm, it’s a great idea to have fresh windshield wipers to keep your view clear. For a quick and easy solution, on your next trip to Golden Triangle Auto Care, ask them to put on new blades while they service your car.

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