Tips on Safely Rocking Your School Commute!

How to Rock Your School Commute Safety Tips Boy Driving CarWhether you are a parent getting your teen set up with their first car for high school or college, a student wondering how to make your new life as a college commuter easier, or a teacher juggling all the details … we thought we’d offer a few tips to help you rock the commute!

Safety First …

Making sure your car is road-ready is the first step towards a hassle-free commute.  Nothing will ruin your day like a breakdown on the road:  teachers & professors are not forgiving when you are late for class, or worse yet … miss your exams.  Don’t be that student.  What can you do to avoid car trouble?


Bring your vehicle in for a full health and safety evaluation … think of it as a pop-quiz! Here’s a list of just some of the systems and components we check:

  1. Tire Inflation
  2. Tire Tread Wear
  3. Tire Pressure
  4. Brakes
  5. Oil
  6. Fluids
  7. Filters
  8. Belts
  9. Transmission
  10. Exhaust System
  11. Shocks & Struts
  12. Suspension
  13. Steering
  14. Axel Shaft, Boots & U-Joints
  15. Engine & Transmission Leaks
  16. Lights
  17. Wiper Blades
  18. Factory Scheduled Maintenance Items
  19. Cooling/Heating System
  20. and many other items!


We’ve got diagnostic equipment in our shop for many makes & models of cars and trucks.  We can plug your car in and the system will generate a full report of recommended mechanical and systems items needing attention. We always capture your email at the time of service check in, so you’ll get a copy of this report too for your records.

Read more student safety & commuting tips from Golden Triangle Auto Care:  Student Driver Security Tips and Commuter Sanity Tips … which in truth are smart check lists that all drivers in your family will benefit from!



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