4 Maintenance Events Not to be Skipped

4 Maintenance Events not to be Skipped

Let’s face it. Who out there hasn’t gone a little overdue when it comes to replacing the…Passenger Cabin Air Filter? How about those Windshield Wipers? Has it been longer than 12 months since you last bought new ones? That’s right, just as we thought!

Everyone, well, almost everyone, fudges a little now and then when it comes to car maintenance. Performing routine car care when your vehicle is running fine is easy to overlook…as we sometimes see first hand at Golden Triangle Auto Care when a neglected system begins to fail.

Sure, you can breathe cabin air with a few more dust particles in it for another month or so. And while you might not have a crystal clear view through that slightly streaked windshield, you can surely see well enough to wait another month or so for wiper replacement.

But for the following 4 maintenance points, we at Golden Triangle Auto Care strongly advise you stay on top of those regular visits to the mechanic:

  1. And our number one answer is…Oil Change! Okay that was a freebie. Certainly you’ve read before that regular oil changes are the single most important service you can give your car. The fresh new oil in that relatively low cost change works to protect a range of expensive engine parts. Keep those parts and your bank account healthy by changing your oil every 3,000 – 7,500 miles. Consult your original owner’s manual or speak with your mechanic to be clear on the best recommended interval for your make and model.

  2. Ready, Set, Rotate. So simple and yet so cost effective. As you are well aware, new tires can cost a pretty penny, particularly if you drive an SUV or certain sports cars. Your tires keep you safe, and literally keep you on the road! Be sure to return the favor by rotating the little guys every 5,000 miles (in some cases every 10,000; check with your mechanic). Timely rotation means even tire wear and longer life. Everyone likes running their fingers over those deep treads when selecting new tires, but this is one shopping trip you’ll be happy to delay as long as possible.
    Hand in hand with rotation, be sure to keep an eye on your tire inflation. Maintain the proper inflation as stated in your owner’s manual to insure the best possible gas mileage, but also to decrease the chance of a blowout or separation, or problem with traction and handling.

  3. Give your Brakes a Break. Every 20,000 miles. In some cases, every 30,000. Talk to your mechanic. Get the lowdown for your vehicle. But whatever your mechanic says, be sure to be an active participant in your brake maintenance and care. If you hear squeaking – or any unusual sound – when your brake, forget what your mileage count is and make haste to your mechanic! Such sounds can certainly signify the need for brake service. As an extra measure, you would do well to always ask for a quick visual brake check with every tire rotation. Your mechanic can quickly assess how much is “left” on your brake pads and suggest a mileage marker to bring your car in for its next check.

  4. Fluid is King! With so many types of fluid serving so many purposes under the hood, we want to be sure that each particular fluid is given its proper due. From transmission fluid to brake fluid to power steering fluid and engine coolant, not to mention others, fluids keep the friction at bay when it comes to your repair bills. Those low cost replacement pints, quarts and gallons can save you hundreds or more in repair bills, with simple routine upkeep.

Of course we always love to see our customers and catch up here at Golden Triangle Auto Care; but you can keep your visits to the necessary minimum by staying on top of the Key 4 areas of car maintenance.

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